Friday, June 1, 2012

What About Me? (TM)


King Street Cats is launching their campaign called
"What About Me?' (TM)

The campaign focuses on finding homes 
for the kitties that are harder to adopt out.
The older kitties.
The shyer kitties.
The special needs kitties.
While we love these kitties and they never have anything to worry about while in our care, we want them to find their furrever homes so that we can rescue more.

Each one of our What About Me kitties 
has a special story.
Marta, pictured above, 
was rescued from a hoarding situation.
She lived at KSC for about a year and half.  
Because of her background, 
she wasn't used to human interaction 
and was uneasy around all the other cats at KSC.
Little by little, day by day, she grew more brave.  
Soon we could pet her, even though 
she was tucked away in a cubby hole somewhere.  
Eventually she would come out of hiding 
if I would sit quietly on the floor near her. 
And then one day, a nice human came in and gave Marta the break she had been looking for.
Marta recently went to her furrever home 
with only one fur sibling.
We couldn't be happier for her.

Please watch the video below and get to know some of our "What About Me?" (TM) kitties.
If you are in the market for a kitty, won't you consider one of them?
If you aren't in the DC Metro area, but you have a cat loving friend who is,
share this video with them.
Or, if you'd like, there are many ways to help KSC as we work tirelessly
to rescue more cats and help them find their furrever homes.

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