Monday, June 18, 2012

Senior Cats Need Love Too!

PC: Calico, Cat; Alexandria, VA
Meet PC, one of King Street Cats' beloved senior kitties!

Senior cats need love too!

In conjunction with our "What About Me?" (TM) campaign,  one of our volunteers wrote up an article about the benefits of adopting a senior kitty.

With all animal rescues overflowing with cute little kittens we sometimes forget about our wonderful adult kitties, especially the seniors!
See if you can find a place in your heart for a needy senior cat.
During kitten season, the ongoing cat overpopulation problems become increasingly severe. Hundreds of thousands of kittens end up in shelters, which are already overcrowded. Many of the kittens find homes, at the expense of older cats that have been waiting in vain. Older cats are often looked over for the "more adoptable" kittens.

Last year's kittens often turn into this year's unwanted adult cats. In these troubled times, people have abandoned their cats because they can no longer afford to care for them, their house is in foreclosure, or they have been evicted. What a sad ending for cats who have given unqualified love all their lives!

A young adult cat would be perfect for a home with smaller children, or for a younger working single or couple who need to leave a cat unattended during the day. While sooo cute and sooo adorable, little kittens aren't always the best choice for every household. Little kids can sometimes be unintentionally rough with little kittens (and vice versa). And, even in the most-diligently kitten-proofed home, a bored and mischievous kitten can wreak havoc--or worse, come to harm--when left to amuse herself during mom or dad's long work week. Indeed, raising kittens can be downright exhausting!

Adopting a senior cat is also the perfect way to avoid anxiety and worry about what will happen to your precious companion when you are no longer able to care for him. We all know that countless wonderful cats wind up in animal shelters for the simple reason that they have outlived their humans. The great news is that senior cats are far more flexible than you'd ever imagine. Their hearts are open, they do not fear commitment. They're ready to love and be loved again.

What a wonderful way to share our blessings, by giving a new home to an older cat. One of the all time great cats of my life, the kind that leave footprints on your heart, I adopted as a 12 year young senior. It was my privilege to give him a luxury retirement home for his final years. He was my husband’s best pal, and I was his faithful servant and caregiver. It was our blessing to have given him a forever-ever home. The love he gave us will be with us forever.

Older cats are ever-so-grateful for a second chance at a loving home!
To those who have adopted older cats, I'd love to read your adoption success story.
**Article written by KSC volunteer, Bonnie Turpen

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