Thursday, June 21, 2012

King Street Cats in their Furrever Homes-Prince & Fergie

Prince and Fergie

Love hearing about our kitties in their new homes, 
so here's an update on Prince & Fergie.

"We are Prince and Fergie O'Hara, adopted from St. Croix by way of King Street Cats in June 2010. We were 4 pound kittens then. Now we are 10 pound cats, but still just as crazy. Mom and Dad put child locks on the closets and finally learned to hide their valuables because we get daily (okay... sometimes more than that) cases of the "zooms." We literally ping off the furniture and the walls in pursuit of one another. Here we are resting with Dad, prepping for for our nightly zoom. Thanks to Allie, KSC, and the St. Croix Animal Shelter for assuring we got humans who have the energy to keep up with us (two long distance runners)."

Have you been rescued by a kitty from King Street Cats?
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