Monday, February 27, 2012

Rainbow Bridge


As I entered into 2012, this thought flittered through my head, "This is the year of transitions." I have no idea where that came from but it seems to me, quite a few changes have already happened (or started to happen) this year more so than recent years. These concepts feel like they are happening more rapidly this year: families beginning, families fracturing, new loves, adoptions, births, and transformations of the spirit.

One of these changes deal with the great, powerful, sorrowful, ecstatic trip over the Rainbow Bridge. Several of my friends lost their furry loved ones recently and I struggle through conflicting emotions. It all stems back to my personal belief in a higher power, somewhere better to go to, and a better place with nothing but joy and adventures. However, my human heart and compassion cries for the pain of those left behind who have to work through their having to say, "until we meet again...", but my divine wisdom speaks of a glorious reunion not so far into the future.

The concept of a "wake" was introduced to me when I was a child (mother's family is from Ireland) and it stuck with me all these years. A celebration of life. Everyone offers their favorite and fondest memories of the deceased and toast their way of living on this earth while they were here. I can totally get down with that program.

So what I can offer to those grieving the passing of loved ones, revel in the warmth of the fondest, happiest, funniest memories of those who passed before you. Before long, the pain will dissipate, the memories will become more joyful and color will once again enter into your lives. Until then, mourn the loss and snuggle those left behind a little more for your comfort and theirs.

Peace and love be with you all.

***Photo courtesy of Jamie Shelman...check out all her great work here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kitty's Junk Food


While we all know we should feed Kitty high quality food, 
oftentimes Kitty just wants to eat some "junk food."  
I discovered my Tortie, Katie June Bug, loves frosting, 
while whipping some up for an event at King Street Cats.  
She thought she was being sly while lapping it 
out of the mixing bowl when I wasn't in the kitchen, 
but the purple glob of goo on the end of her nose gave her away.  My orange Tabby, Jake, has taken a liking to 
vanilla protein shakes 
(actually, that's probably a healthier choice than, say, frosting).

What about you?  What is your Kitty's guilty pleasure?  
Chime in below in the comments section.

***Artwork done by Jamie Shelman.  Check out the collection on Etsy here

Monday, February 20, 2012

Failed Fostering Experience

Hi, my name is Laura and I am a failed cat foster parent.

It all started with a simple enough phone call from the ever diligent Vivienne Bacon, the lady who keeps us all at KSC on track and on point of saving the plethora of cats we all love to snuggle. This phone call took place two days before Thanksgiving as I prepared for my mother's arrival for the holiday. The request was simple, pick up a three month old kitten named Aimee from the vet's office and keep her through the long holiday weekend in my tiny postage stamp sized bathroom. Hmmmm... sure, okay, can do! What's a tiny fluff kitten in my bathroom going to upstart in the whole grand scheme of things? HAHA!

She had me at "meow". Here's this tiny itty bitty fluff ball of a kitten who struggled so hard to survive on the streets on her own and then was struggling to just breathe and gain weight... my heart melted. I tucked her in my sweat shirt as I putzed around the house, prepared a small Thanksgiving meal and she just lethargically purred, grateful for the warmth. Nothing but skin and bones, I would wake up every two hours and stumble into the bathroom just to feed her some more and make sure she was warm and still breathing. This went on for four days. She finally started to breathe without labor, jump around like a normal kitten, and eat like it was her last meal. I decided to let her stay in my bathroom just another week (famous last words). Two weeks later, she decided to charge out of the bathroom with the gusto of a cat four times her size. Her path took her right into the nose of my calico, Raggedy Ann... I held my breath, RA took a step back and Aimee stretched forward to swat my strong willed calico right on the nose. RA spun around and ran the other way. My boy, Kwame, came out to see what the fuss was and within minutes, this 15 pound tabby was playing with a 2.5 pound tan tabby like they were fast friends.

I say I failed as a foster parent because in the end, I couldn't imagine my house without this small addition. My hat off to those who can foster the legions of kittens every year and send them off with a slight tear and lots of love!! Needless to say, Aimee became Arcadia (aka Archie - different blog at a later date to explain that one) and now runs the house with her little white booted paw. She is one feisty little kitten that I and my two cats love unconditionally. My foster parenting days may be over until I buy a bigger house, but I like to think I kick @ss as a loving mother to my fuzzy four pawed babies.

Consider fostering, its an experience that I recommend for everyone who has a spare bedroom, bathroom or even a den. King Street Cats covers all vet costs, feeding costs, etc. all we need is someone to take in cats of many ages, sizes and attitudes. Go to and send us an e-mail to learn more.

Monday, February 13, 2012

King Street Cats 2012 Kiss-A-Kat Event

As expected, the KSC kitties made themselves
irresistible this past weekend
for our Kissing Booth fundraising event.
We thought we'd share some photos
from the weekend.

(Tiny and Rexy had their own little romance going on-
didn't want any human kisses)

Couldn't attend, but still want to donate to the cause
(kitties will write you an I.O.U for the smooches)?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

King Street Cats Kissing Booth This Weekend!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner 
and the kitties at King Street Cats are lookin' for love.  
And smooches.  Lots and lots of smooches.  
Of course, these smooches are very valuable (if not priceless), so they are setting up 
a kissing booth this weekend.  $1 per smooch.  
And, they will be available for smooches at several locations.  Come to our orphanage, 
located at 25 Dove Street, Alexandria, 22314.  
Or, check out or mobile adoption locations at 2 Pro Feed locations: 

Bradlee Shopping Center, 3690 King Street, Alex., 22302
Belleview Shopping Ctr., 1628-A Belleview Blvd. Alex., VA, 22307.

Come by any of those locations between 1:30-4:00 PM 
on both Saturday and Sunday.

Don't live in the area or plan to be out of town this weekend? Click on the link below and the kitties will write you an IOU.

Monday, February 6, 2012

YOGA to Benefit King Street Cats

If you are in the NOVA area 
and want to get your downward dog on 
for the kitties at King Street Cats, 
stop by for a special class (Karma Class-Flow from the Heart) on Monday, 2/20/2012, from 10:30-11:45 AM 
at River's Edge Yoga.  
Pay what you can, or a $20 donation is suggested.

300 Montgomery Street, Ste. 201, Alexandria, VA  22314

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February's "What About Me (TM)?" Campaign

Check out these little cuties in KSC's Purr-sonal Ad's:

Or, check out all the kitties looking for their furrever companion  *  *  25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314