Monday, December 19, 2016

Does your cat really like you? Here's some easy ways to tell.

Everyone knows by now (or should, at least) that cats don't talk to other cats in the same way they talk to people (meowing) but by making other sounds, such as chittering, like in this (ADORABLE) video. Meowing is a unique way for your cat to talk to YOU and you alone (generally). I say generally because while it is possible for friends/neighbors/family to understand what your cat is saying when it's meowing at them, only you know for sure. Is that "Feed me!" or is it "I want to play!"???

Here's the top 10 not-so/subtle ways to know your cat loves you.

  1. Welcoming you home
  2. Staring at you
  3. Slow blinking
  4. Purring
  5. Doesn't kill you when you pick them up for a hug/kiss
  6. Head butting
  7. Kneading (baking bread as we call it)
  8. Bringing you gifts (this is nicer when they are an inside kitty)
  9. Exposing their belly for rubbing
  10. Taking over the house

For more detail, check out The Animal Rescue Site


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