Thursday, June 14, 2012

King Street Cats in their Furrever Homes-Parker Pierce (formerly, Marcus)

Marcus, now Parker Pierce, from St. Croix

Love hearing about our kitties in their new homes, 
so here's an update on Marcus!

"Marcus is doing fine. He really settled in rather quickly. Piper, at first, hissed and tried to beat him on the head, but they often play fight since Marcus leaps from the corner and knocks Piper over. Piper is a lot heavier, but Marcus throws everything he has into it. If Piper has had enough, he growls a little and Marcus moves on. MaRemove filercus is not afraid of anything, even vacuums . He is in the room right now as I am typing. He still nudges us in the face. He is very close to Stephen our son. We finally named him Parker Pierce. My wife likes the name Parker and my son like Pierce (one of the actors who played in the James Bond series). 

Here are a few pictures, and a video."
-Robert,Lucinda,Stephen Jacoby

See Marcus on YouTube here!

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