Thursday, December 24, 2015

Odd feline behaviors

In case you've ever wondered why your kitty bites her nails or randomly runs from one end of your place to the other, this page (and I apologize in advance for the way the site is laid out, but I can do nothing about that) gives some good insight into those things. Here's the list of random cat behaviors.

  1. Nail Biting
  2. Eye of the tiger
  3. Random sprinting
  4. Unladylike sitting
  5. Rubbing against you
  6. Uncovered poop
  7. Hissing
  8. Sniffing your face
  9. Twitching ears
  10. Pointed ears
  11. Little meow
  12. Loud meow
  13. Imitating a baby
  14. Chattering
  15. Crazy cat lady
  16. Laying on your things
  17. Rolling in the street
  18. Sleeping on your chest
  19. Sneaky cat
  20. Kneading paws
  21. Tummy up
  22. Night owl
  23. Potty outside the litter box
  24. Biting
  25. Feet attacks
Some explanations are better than others, but these are CATS we're talking about, so that shouldn't surprise you.

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