Friday, December 11, 2015

Why your cat likes to knock things over

With the relaunch of the KSC Blog, I found it appropriately fitting to post an article that could act as a follow up to the last-published article on the Blog, Cat Crashers, That said, I give you Why your cat likes to knock things over (according to science)

The quick version: It's because they can! (And that's according to an actual Doctor.) More often than not, however, they're really just trying to get your attention, whether they're hungry, bored, etc. And because they're nocturnal creatures, this generally happens at night (of course).

The other reason is far more sinister: They're practicing their hunting skills.

Speaking from my own experience, it's only things related to my mobile phone (specifically pushing it off the table where it lays charging) or the tv remote (I think Tommy just likes to see my reaction, while Lilly directs traffic from across the room). Half the time, it's just prior to their normal feeding time. The other half, it's between 2 and 5 am where I do my best to ignore them so I can sleep. Which is a futile thing to try to do when you have a hungry cat. Just sayin'.

Check out the full article and be sure to share your experiences in the comments!

~Jason Edinger

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