Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tempting Trappings and Forbidden Feasts (Courtesy of the Old Town Crier)

The Old Town Crier has been a long-time supporter of King Street Cats and we're happy to share their articles on our Blog. Their current issue has an article titled Tempting Trappings and Forbidden Feasts and the TL:DR (that's Too Long, Didn't Read) version is below.

As the holiday season rolls through, it's important to not only reflect on yourself, but also on your furry children. And as much as you may enjoy having your friends and family over, your pets may not enjoy the extra noise (and feet) in their domain. The following are some things to consider during this season:

  • Decorations
    • Many holiday decorations, while they can look amazing, are dangerous to your pets. From the tree itself (cats love to climb!) to the tinsel on the tree, be mindful of what your pet has access to, especially when you're not home.
  • Holiday Food
    • We all know that chocolate is no good for your pet, but neither are certain fruits and nuts (raisins or macadamias, for example). Drinks (beer, wine, egg nog) are just as bad. Make sure there are adequate distractions for your pet, so they're not trying to take your seat at the table.
  • Pets as Gifts
    • Having a pet is a huge commitment, one that should come with a great deal of thought. Everyone should be willing and able to take care of a pet. Pets are a lifetime of time and money (in a good way) and these things should not be an afterthought.
  • Holiday Stress
    • Keep not only your stress level in check, but that of your pet. S/he will need a quiet, private space to retreat to when the room is noisier than normal. Let your guests know you have a pet and to be mindful of them. Keep an eye on children when they play with your pets. Take your dog for an extra walk to relieve stress for you both. Stick to your pets routine as closely as possible [This is huge, in my opinion. ~Jason].

Check out the full article (Thanks Sarah!) and share your comments in the, well, comments section!

~Jason Edinger (and yes, I know my summary is also probably TL:DR...)

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