Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A quick How-To on trimming cat claws

Ok, the title is a little misleading, I know (there's no 'quick' way to do this), but I tried to make this post as quick to run through as possible. So, here goes!

  1. Get a comfortable spot in a well-lit room and have everything ready and within arms reach (clippers, astringent powder/pencil, a treat for when it's all over).
  2. Hold your cat firmly (you need to make sure the package is secured) and take a paw and gently squeeze to extend the nail.
  3. Position the clipper a comfortable distance from the quick (if you're unsure, better to clip just the tip) and clip vertically (you should be cutting INTO the curve of the nail, not on the side) to prevent splitting. Do it in one smooth motion.
  4. Reward your cat (and then go wash the blood off your hands*, YOUR blood...).
If your cat is consistently anti-trimming, you may want to try it while she is groggy from a nap. If it's easier to have a friend hold your cat while you trim, do that. Just ensure you praise and give a treat. 

Alternatively, you can do what I do: Bring her to the vet. My vet (their vet, I guess) charges $15 to do it (best money I've ever spent!).

* Just kidding

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Turner said...

Thank you, Jason. I try to be calm when I do the nail trims, but I'm sure MY stress is communicated to the kitties and makes things worse.

I love that you posted something about this on the KSC's blog--thanks!

Jason said...

You're welcome! I really wish mine would let me clip, but I'd rather pay to have it done right at this point.