Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why Adopting an Older Pet Makes Sense

The Old Town Crier has been a long-time supporter of King Street Cats and we're happy to share their (pet-related) articles on our Blog. Their current issue has an article with the above title that we would like to share with you.

One of my cats is now, technically, a senior. She just turned 9 in December. (For all of you keeping score, the new-fangled math for cat-human years puts her at 53; you can find the calculator here.) I still remember the day I brought her (and her brother who's been gone almost a year) home from the shelter. They were the only cats that seemed interested in me, so it was a no-brainer. I also remember the first time I saw the following sentence on their surrender form:

My new apartment building doesn't allow pets.

There's all this talk about forever homes and no one seems to have any forward thinking in these terms. You see it all over Facebook, people posting/sharing quips about pets being a long term deal (which is true, of course), but if I were in that situation, I'd take the simplest approach: I'd find a new apartment! I know, I know, it's generally not that simple, but that's always been the first thing I checked for in the handful of times I've moved. Pet friendly, followed by washer/dryer in unit, followed by balcony. Those were my top 3.

Back on topic, I can't argue with any of the points in this one. My favorite, though, is the one that says that older cats seem to understand they've been rescued. I never realized how true that is until I read it there.

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