Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why Chocolate Bunnies and Peeps® Make Better Easter Gifts

The Old Town Crier has been a long-time supporter of King Street Cats and we're happy to share their (pet-related) articles on our Blog. Their current issue has an article with the above title that we would like to share with you.

I've never quite understood why people thought the gifting of pets was a good idea, especially ones that you wouldn't normally think of as domestic house pets. Apparently it's still a common thing. I also had no idea that bunnies are the third most popular (mammalian) pet in the US.

I can relate to the bunny issue, though. Two times in my life (one rather recently, the other not so much) have I known a bunny that has been given up. Way back when I lived in NY, I had a school friend who had a bunny. (And yes, I prefer to say bunny over rabbit; it's more fun.) I remember we had gone out to play basketball after school one day and when he got home he called my house in a panic because his mother had put it outside while we were out. I don't recall if he knew why she did it or if he ever found it again.

More recently, about a year and a half ago, one was found in the trash room of my condo building. Some neighbors took it in and kept it for about a year (and yes, it did really use the litter box, much to the chagrin of their (King Street) cat), but after repeated incidents of it chewing wires and molding (which I didn't know was a sign of a teenage bunny), they gave it up to the local shelter (after I repeatedly tried to get them to give it to a local elementary school where it could have had a better chance of having a life IMO).

Regardless, stick to chocolate candy. And always check out the Washington Post's Peep Diorama Contest!


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