Monday, May 14, 2012

Chip In Campaign-Shady and the EasterBunny

Shady and her babies at 4 weeks old

I am blessed to be the foster mom to a black kitten (just now 9 months old) with the sweetest temperament known to the cat species.  This little sweetheart was thrust at me at 10pm on one of my cleaning shifts at the cat room because we needed her cage for a snuffling cat.  I barely had the words out of my mouth, "Sure, I can put her in my sec..." when she rolled over to present her very pregnant belly to be rubbed.  Gasp, she's so young and tiny to be pregnant.  My heart melted.  We all remember my failed fostering experience, right???  Crud... here I go again.

At home, I rush past my two 6 yr old cats, my failed foster, feisty Arcadia, and my boyfriend's prying inquisitive eyes.  Yep, that's 4 sets of eyes asking me what that was rustling in the carrier.  I just quipped, "Don't ask, its not staying very long," and ran upstairs to put her in the second bedroom.  Whew!  She's safely tucked in the house. She came out of the carrier and wolfed down an entire can of cat food in 2 minutes flat.  I gave her more.  That too was gone in milliseconds.  Noting that she is all belly and a kitten herself, she ended up consuming on average five cans of food a day for a week with room to spare.  All this time, she would roll over to show me her belly to get belly rubs until her heart was content.  This is rare for a cat to want its belly rubbed, let alone a pregnant momma cat!  Such a sweet girl!

A week went past and she was set to be relocated to another foster home... secretly, I was praying for the birth of her litter so she'd have to stay another week so not to disrupt the kittens.  My prayer was granted!  After doing my usual pet sitting jobs on Saturday before Easter Sunday, I came home and did my round of fuzzy baby greetings.  Nightshade (aka Shady) was the final destination.  As I walked into her room, she chirped her usual greeting but from the birthing box I set up in the corner.  Is it??  Could it be??  She got to her feet and wobbled a bit... I got nervous... she then waddled over to show me her progress.  The baby was lodged and was not moving.  NOOOOO... I sped to the vet (we won't discuss how fast I was driving).  Sadly, the lodged baby did not survive due to malformation.  They recommended an emergency C-section to save the other baby.  The vet said there was only one baby but the vet tech and I said there were two more!  We were right!  So when they presented them to me to take home, they were named Easter and Bunny.  WHAT???  I spent HOURS picking the right names to go with their momma's and they ended up with Easter and Bunny!  Sigh.

A few weeks later, I overheard that her surgery was a whopping $2,500!  The Chip-In campaign is a must have.  Please consider donating to support King Street Cats and all they do.  In exchange, I will continue writing about the crazy antics that is happening in my house with two cats, two kittens and two super baby kittens.

Your help is needed in helping KSC with these unexpected vet bills.  
Our typical monthly vet bill is ~$7,000.00, but with situations like Shady's, and other emergencies we've undertaken,
 we incurred an additional $10,000.00 over the past few weeks.

If you would like to donate, click here.

So, the story of Shady and the EasterBunny continues. 

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