Monday, April 2, 2012

King Street Cats in Their New Homes

Doogie (now Selene) and Valerie (now Jennie)

We LOVE it when our "rescued" humans give us 
updates on their new kitties.  
Here is a great story about Doogie and Valerie.

Doogie (now called Selene after the Greek moon goddess)
and Valerie (now called Jennie after the feline heroine of Paul Gallico’s
The Abandoned) have been with us for nearly two weeks. 
They are doing great. 
 It only took a few days before they got the lay of the land and took over.  
They are both good eaters and love to play. 
One of their favorites is the “dot” game.  They love to chase the red laser dot from one end of the house to the other. 
“Why can’t we ever get that darned dot?” 
They also love to bird watch especially when the window is open and they get a close-up view of the bird feeder and bird bath,
not to mention the squirrels. 
They make quick work of sheets of tissue paper
and like to rearrange the scatter rugs. 
Both are pretty good about using their scratching posts and pads. 
Jennie was a natural at this and Selene learned from her.
Selene was a love bug from the start whereas Jennie was shy and reserved, but she has become less and less afraid. 
She is now quite friendly and seeks attention.

It’s been a bit of an adjustment for us as we have had older cats
for many years and things were mostly quiet around the house. 
Needless to say, the activity level has ramped up substantially. 
There’s seldom a dull moment unless the girls are asleep. 
They are having lots of fun keeping us on our toes. 
We are very happy that they have joined us and 
grateful that you gave them a second chance. 
We hope you like the pictures of them enjoying 
some of their favorite activities.

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So happy to see the girls so happy!