Thursday, April 5, 2012

King Street Cats in Their New Homes

Meet Silver and Nickel!  

We received a lovely letter recently from Silver & Nickel, which reads in part:

Things are working out SWELL with our new Mom and we thank you SO MUCH for finding us our forever home. Mom was SO HAPPY she found us! We spent our first night in her bedroom and were jumping all over her…she calls us “little purr balls” and tells her friends on the phone “they act more like little puppies than kittens” because we cuddle with her so much. She also tells them that our foster parents “did an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL job rearing us” but we already knew that. 

We are trying to train Mom into some routines, for example, to wake up at 4a.m. to play; to put something in our food dish every time she walks into the kitchen; to let us saunter across her computer keyboard when she’s using it…but alas we haven’t had much success. Mom plays with us a lot…she’s trying to teach us “baseball” which means she wants us to jump up and catch the toy mouse when she throws it in the air towards us (see…she thinks we’re puppies!!) and our English vocabulary is getting bigger…we know what “Time to get up?”, “Where’s the ball?”, “Want some din-din?” mean. If only we could hear “din-din” like, maybe…once an hour? 

Love Silver & Nickel.

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