Monday, April 30, 2012

Energy Therapy for Animals

Allie Phillips, performing energy therapy on her cat, Oscar.

Today we are talking with Allie Phillips, attorney turned energy healer.  She's a long-time volunteer at King Street Cats, a nationally-recognized author, attorney, advocate and trainer on animal protection issues. And now the founder of Manifested Harmony, a business focusing on energy healing (for people and pets) and Universal Law coaching. She has been providing energy healing to homeless, abused, neglected and traumatized pets since 2008, including many of the feline residents at King Street Cats. 

 KSC: Describe Energy Therapy and the different modalities used, as it pertains to animals. 

AP: Energy therapy (or energy healing) involves being attuned to a higher source of energy that is channeled through me to benefit the client. Through my training classes, I am able to provide these attunements to others. I am Certified as a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master-Instructor and Crystal Healer. The entire Multi-verse is comprised of energy ... you are energy, your pet is energy, your computer is energy, and so on. Energy vibrates at different rates and humans and pets have vibratory rates that adjust according to our environment or stress level. If a pet is in a stressful environment, that can impact their energy field and result in physical or emotional issues. Energy therapy helps to balance energy and remove energy blocks before they manifest into a physical issue. When energy therapy is channeled to a pet, that pet will soak in the energy and (in most cases) feel immediate relaxation. When the body is relaxed, that is when the body will allow the energy to move through it, release blocks, and heal itself. Energy therapy is transmitted through my hands by lightly touching or hovering above the pet. Energy can even be sent from a distance (across the globe) and even to events in the past and future. I will frequently send energy therapy to a pet in a distant location as I sit comfortably in my home. How is that? Energy knows no time or space boundaries, so it can be sent anywhere. In IET, we learn that sometimes a family pet will take on a physical ailment of their person so that the person does not have to deal with the full effects of it. So whenever I encounter a pet with a physical ailment, I offer energy therapy to the person, too. With crystals, the vibratory rate of crystals is set and does not change like it does for people and pets. So when a pet comes into contact with a crystal, the pet's vibration will begin to sync to positive healing energy of the crystal. It is fascinating to see that science and research is now supporting the healing benefits of energy therapy. 

KSC: Describe what kind of animals need this kind of therapy? What issues are you most commonly dealing with in your practice? 

AP: Any animal can benefit from energy therapy. A pet who is physically and emotionally well can maintain that state of well-being with consistent energy therapy sessions. A pet who has been abused or neglected would certainly benefit to help them release the negative energy of their experiences so that it does not manifest into a physical issue. Pets who have been abandoned, become homeless, or been surrendered to an animal shelter also benefit from energy therapy. I have found that older cats (over the age of 5) tend to become depressed when they lose their home. And while the set up at King Street Cats is comfortable and homey, the change can be traumatic for a cat. So I have spent much time providing energy therapy to those cats who are having trouble adjusting. If the cat just arrived and is in a comfortable cage while they adjust, I may stand just outside of the cage and channel energy to them. If they give permission, I will move closer and lightly touch them to send the energy. Recently, I have started incorporating crystals into our cat orphanage. There are healing crystals hanging in each room, and individual bags of healing crystals on cages of cats who need extra help. A few of our residents are also receiving the special gift of crystal charms on their collars so that the energy is very close to them all day. Some issues that I have been working on recently involve several cats who are having trouble expelling their energy or anger in a positive way and have sadly attacked the people that love them (and that they love). There is a reason behind every behavior and it is important that we take the time to figure it out. So I am working with a few cats in particular to get to the root issue (along with a cat behaviorist). Another fairly consistent issue that I work on are cats who are ill and have poor immunity. Energy therapy does not necessarily work on its own; it works in conjunction with traditional veterinary medicine, behavioral training, and so on. Energy therapy supports other modalities, and vice versa.
 Tully, a King Street Cats rescue, with her crystal collar, to ease depression and boost immunity.

KSC: Do you provide energy therapy on your own pets? 

AP: Absolutely, they sometimes demand it. My cat Sammy began the slow decline of kidney failure about 3 years ago. He passed away on February 24, 2012. In addition to switching him to an all-natural diet (high quality food is critical to a pet having good health), I immediately started giving him Reiki and IET. In his final months and up until his final moment, I also surrounded him with crystals to help him with a peaceful passing. I truly believe that the energy therapy extended his life and provided for a higher-quality of life much longer than I expected. I still have two cats: Lucy is 13-1/2 years old and healthy, and she loves having her chakras (energy centers) balanced with crystals and being "combed" with crystals. Oscar is also 13-1/2 years old and for a year has been struggling with uncontrolled diabetes caused by acromegly. Because there is no treatment for acromegly and he is on very high doses of insulin, Oscar craves energy therapy to help ease his symptoms. He will lay on top of me in the evening so that I can give him Reiki. He also loves to have his chakras balanced with crystals and to be combed with crystals. I have videos demonstrating how this works here.
Allie's cats, Lucy and Oscar, receiving chakra balancing with crystals.

KSC: Share one of your favorite success stories from implementing energy therapy? 

AP: I think the success of my cat Sammy was one of the most amazing because I really did not expect him to live as long as he did (and with the high quality of life that he enjoyed). And when he would come to me for healing, he would either bury his head in my arm or fall asleep snoring on top of me. It doesn't get much more precious than that. Another occurred with a KSC foster cat that I had about 18 months ago. Isis had come from St. Croix and had undergone abdominal exploratory surgery (the vets thought she had a blockage) and came to me to heal up. She was a tiny girl (maybe 6 pounds) and had a 5 inch incision on her abdomen. Every evening, she would lay in my lap and I would hover my hands over the incision. The incision healed at rapid speed and she was running around within days (a lot sooner than I was comfortable with). And most recently, Tommy (who is still with us) was quite nervous about coming out of his cage in our intake room. We wanted to move him out to the main free-roaming room. He seemed interested but lacked the courage. So I gave him a bag of crystals to help with courage (Aquarmarine and Clear Quartz). Within a week, he was moved to the main room and has acclimated nicely. He seems to have much more courage now.
Tommy, hesitant to come out of his cage (top), and now he is in KSC's main room, 
happily mingling with people and other cats (bottom)!

KSC: Where can our readers find out more about this service you offer? 

 AP: Visit my webpage, join my Facebook and Twitter pages, and even check out videos on my YouTube page. I offer healing sessions for pets and for people and make home visits (have healing table and crystals ... will travel).  I teach classes on Integrated Energy Therapy for Pets (IET for Pets is scheduled for June 17 and the prerequisite IET Basic is on June 3). And August 18 will launch a new training on Crystal Healing for Pets. If you volunteer for King Street Cats (or work/volunteer with animals elsewhere) or have adopted from King Street Cats, you can receive a special rate for IET Basic and Pet classes at a 25% discount. Go to my website to learn more.

My mission is to help people and their pets find physical and emotional well-being, as well as to help homeless, abused and neglected pets to recover from their trauma and find new loving homes. I can think of no better way to do this than with energy therapy. 

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