Monday, April 9, 2012

The Art of Naming a Litter

Well, the fostering saga continues even though I SWORE that I wouldn't foster for another 6 months after the tree kittens left my bathroom. Anyone really shocked that there is now a momma cat tucked away in my postage sized bathroom about to give birth? Yeah, me either. This girl is about the cutest snuggle bug that ever laid peepers on me. She waddles over to drape herself all over my cramped legs and presents her pregnant belly as if to say, "Aren't they adorable? Please rub them to keep them from squirming!" I have already run home from work to see how she's doing once this week.

So in great anticipation of her soon to arrive litter, the naming game begins. Her name is Shady, Nightshade to be exact, so to keep with the family trait, her babies are going to have herb/toxic flower names! Sweet, eh? Now, keep in mind, these names must fit the criteria for a rescue organization; 1) easy to pronounce, 2) catchy, 3) memorable and 4) unique. I cannot tell you how many similar names we've had in just the 2 short years I've been around King Street Cats and all the records/references get all kinds of mixed up! So, keeping with the vegetable tradition (that's one killer marketing ploy, we're still talking about those cats) we are going out on a limb! My enthusiastic friend and I have been bantering back and forth with their names (knowing full well when they are adopted, the names will change once again) all to find the BEST NICKNAME EVER! So, the contenders are Stinkweed (Stinky), Ziziphus (LOVE IT - ZiZi), Krapta (uhm, no), Wolfberry (Wolfie), Belladonna (Belle), Mandrake (Mannie), Sunberry, and Gooseberry (Goosie!).

So, with the naming fun in full swing, all Shady has to do is give birth to lovely, healthy, sweet cuddle monsters just like her... anyone want to lay bets that it will happen in the middle of the night so I can be dragging the next day at work? I will do so happily and cheerfully.

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terif said...

I put together a spreadsheet of possible names for kitten litters, and gave it to Helen several months back-- it was fun to create. Names of characters from TV shows,stores, drinks, etc.-- for instance, the addams family kittens: gomez, pugsley, etc.!! If you'd like to read it for ideas for naming your impending basket of foster babies, let me know and I will send it to you!