Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Names for Kitty

Are you looking for the purrfect name for the new Kitty coming into your household?  Or maybe you are like me and like to have 14 middle names for your know, names you thought were cool, but you thought of them after Kitty had been granted his or her name? Like my Jake, whose official name is now Jakemiah Marmalade Hezekiah Jedediah Jeremiah was a Bullfrog Bean
Anyhoo, here are the 2012 big winners -- and the big losers -- in the kitty name game.
Jakemiah Marmalade Hezekiah...yada yada yada

Top 10 most popular male cat names

1. Max
2. Oliver
3. Tiger
4. Simba
5. Charlie
6. Milo
7. Smokey
8. Jack
9. Leo
10. Kitty
Kitty? Really? You couldn't do any better than that? 

Top 10 most popular female cat names

1. Bella
2. Kitty (sigh)
3. Lucy
4. Chloe
5. Luna
6. Sophie
7. Lily (with one L)
8. Daisy
9. Lilly (with two L’s)
10. Callie
So those are the most popular names, but what are the long-term trends indicating for feline monikers? After looking back over name data for the last 12 years, Vetstreet came to the conclusion that the following names were rising fastest in popularity.

Top 10 trendiest male cat names

1. Dexter
2. Cooper
3. Louie
4. Loki
5. Henry
6. Teddy
7. Marley
8. Tucker
9. Ziggy
10. Winston
I can't be the only one who thinks most of these sound like dog names, not cat names.

Top 10 trendiest female cat names

1. Lola
2. Stella
3. Izzy
4. Zoey
5. Lulu
6. Luna
7. Nala
8. Penny
9. Ruby
10. Willow
For every name trending up, one has to trend down. Here are the names that are falling fastest in popularity.

Top 10 least trendy male cat names

1. Bailey
2. Salem
3. Baxter
4. Bubba
5. Merlin
6. Whiskers
7. Alex
8. Snowball
9. Sebastian
10. Thomas

Top 10 least trendy female cat names

1. Katie
2. Sabrina
3. Tigger
4. Samantha
5. Snowball
6. Miss Kitty (Okay, at least you’ve acknowledged that Kitty has a sex, so that's a little better)
7. Sheba
8. Tabitha
9. Tabby
10. Sweetie

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