Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Postcards from Kitty

What if your cat went on vacation without you (because we all know how badly she needs to get away from the strenuous life she lives day in and day out!)? You know, to kick back and relax on the beach, and maybe catch up with friends or relatives? Hey, cats need breaks, too. So, let's say your cat has jet-setted away on a fantastic vacation and, taking a break from sunbathing and eating fancy fare, decides to drop you a postcard. What would she say? Hmmm ...

"I smell smoke." Photo of Hector by Nicky Westbrook

"Boxes and babes ..." Photo of Reeses by Donna Bailey

"I really dig it here." Cat on the Beach by Shutterstock

"My quality of sleep has been stupendous." Photo of Gorilla by Katy Herman

"Aloha!" Photo of Ravioli by Kit Breshears

"Bon Voyage!" Cat and Suitcase by Shutterstock

"You might want to do some shopping before I get home." Photo of Frances by Marina Dickey

"Don't harsh my vacation mellow." Cat in Sunglasses by Shutterstock

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What would your cat write on a vacation postcard? Tell us in the comments!

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