Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adopt A Senior Pet-Meet Hannah Banana

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

At animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation, there are an abundance of healthy senior pets looking for a special home to cherish them for the rest of their lives. Although shaping the life of a youngster sounds appealing, giving a second chance to an older companion can be equally rewarding. They like to share quiet moments, are already trained and usually do not chew or scratch everything in sight. "Older pets have plenty to offer adopters – not the least of which is love," comments Jacque Schultz, ASPCA Companion Animal Programs Advisor.

King Street Cats runs an Award-Winning campaign called
What About Me? ®
where we feature our harder to adopt kitties.
Many of those kitties are senior kitties
who lost their home later in life, through no fault of their own.

Hannah Banana is one of those special kitties that we would like to highlight.
Here is her story:

My mane is Hannah and I'm a beautiful, sweet, "middle-aged" lady, who's part Manx with long black and brown hair. I am approximately 11 years old. I was born and raised in the beach resort town of Nags Head, North Carolina, known as the Outer Banks. My owner became ill and a friend took me in. My owner never got better and then my temporary home had to move. She tried to find me a safe shelter but was unable to. My owner's niece found out what shelter I was at and rushed there to save me before it was too late. I was then transferred here and I'm so happy. Even though I'm a mature cat, I still love to play, love to sit next to you on the couch to relax and watch TV, love for someone to pet/scratch my head and back while I purr and knead my paws, love to be near you and will follow you through the house, room-to-room all day, purring the entire time and most important... I love my canned food!!  I can be a little shy and nervous at first; who wouldn't after all I've been through?!? But in no time, I will trust and love you and want nothing more than your love in return. And maybe a quick petting and some can food!! I would love to find another loving family who will take me in and provide love and comfort for the years I have left to offer this world. Please come see me!

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