Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paws for a Cause!

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I was hanging out at King Street Cats
this past weekend when a nice lady came by
with many bags of food, treats, and litter
that she wanted to donate to us.
Her car was full of cat items!
I was so touched by her generosity,
and I asked her for her address so KSC
could send her a thank-you note.

She informed me that it was her son 
that gathered up all these goodies for KSC.
Her son?
She went on to explain that he places a
shopping cart outside the Safeway
on Royal Street in Old Town Alexandria,
decorates it with a sign,
and leaves it for people to make donations.
The items can be for cats or dogs,
and he includes a list of the commonly needed items.
The cat items come to King Street Cats
and the dog items go to the Alexandria Animal Shelter.

Is that a great kiddo or what?!?!?
Ben Devine,
you clearly have a big heart for animals
and we all cannot thank you enough!

There are so many ways to help out at King Street Cats!
Maybe some of the more "traditional," on-site jobs 
don't work for you or with your schedule,
but perhaps you could do a similar supply drive
at your local shopping store,
or church, or school, or work, or gym, or...
Maybe you have a kiddo who needs to do
community service as a part of the school curriculum
and this could count towards those hours.

Click here to see a list of items
we most often use at KSC,
but we also have a supply pantry for 
those who need assistance because of
financial restraints or because they are
taking care of a feral community.
We are appreciative of any donations
as we are 100% volunteer-run
and receive absolutely no funding
except donations that people give us.

If you have further questions,
please contact us at
Supplies can be dropped off at
25 S. Dove Street, Alexandria, VA,  22314
Saturdays and Sundays, between 1:30-4:30.

Don't live close to King Street Cats and need ideas
to help out homeless animals in your area?
Check out this book, authored by KSC Volunteer,
Allie Phillips, Defending the Defenseless.
It's on a special 1 year anniversary price in July,
and shipping is free.  Allie will even autograph it!

Thanks to all of you who help homeless animals
in all the ways that you do.

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