Thursday, July 5, 2012

King Street Cats in their Furrever Homes-Mr. Grey (formerly, Cam)

Cam, now Mr. Grey

Love hearing about our kitties in their new homes, 
so here's an update on Mr. Grey!

"Hi guys, 

My boyfriend, Will, and I got our wonderful cat Mr. Grey in November last year and I thought I would send an update per the FB request. :) 

I have wanted a cat my whole life. After falling in love with my sister's cat, Miles, I realized that I couldn't keep getting all my feline time when I went to visit her. It was time to bring home a new furry friend of my own.  My boyfriend and I had just moved into Alexandria and after searching online decided that King Street Cats was the right place to look. I loved that it was a no-kill shelter and was surprised to find one dedicated just to cats! 

We went in one evening and I was overwhelmed by all of the adorable, playful kittens and sleepy cats waiting inside. We spent a long time playing with a few because I knew this was going to be a long term commitment no matter what the future held. After some time we were worried that tonight might not be the night. Then my boyfriend Will crouched down to pet another cat and Mr. Grey, then Cam, jumped into his lap, spent a minute getting comfy and curled up. My heart melted. I sat next to him and Mr. Grey went from Will's lap to mine and then back again. He'd chosen us. 

We took him home in November of last year and since that time have grown to love him more everyday. He is so curious and playful, loves to be pet, 
and snuggles with all our guests. 
He is the hit of every party. 

He celebrated his 1st birthday on May 4th and we look forward to many years to come!

That's it! Mr. Grey is the BEST and I've sent a few pics too (probably overkill.)"



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