Monday, January 23, 2012

What About Me (TM)? January Campaign

King Street Cats' January "What About Me (TM)?" 
campaign features 6 of our very special kitties.

We are most pleasantly surprised to announce
that month to date,
4 of these kitties have found their furrever homes!


Four sets of four paws that are no doubt
kneading the legs of their new owner's lap.
Or maybe they are planted firmly in the kitchen,
insisting on treats.
Or maybe they are facing the ceiling,
along with that furry tummy,
so comfortable in their new home.
Or maybe all of the above.

We are so happy
with the success rate of this campaign,
and we're not going to stop there.
Our 2 other featured kitties this month deserve that same happy ending.
So to continue to manifest the pawsitive!

I'd like to introduce you to our 2 remaining January kitties,
Pandora and Reggie.
Won't you take a minute to read their story
and help us find them a furrever home
for their four paws and fuzzy tummy?

I'm Pandora and here's my story:

I'm Reggie, and here's my story:

We have plenty of other kitties too!  
I have no doubt we have the purrfect one for your home:

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Melissa Murphy said...

Fingers and toes crossed for Pandora and Reggie!