Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet Your 2013 "What About Me™?" Kitties!

It's time for our annual
What about MeCampaign!!!

This is our campaign where we feature
our older, shyer, and more difficult to adopt kitties.

These are the kitties that have been overlooked
when adopters come in to find their furrever friend.

These are the kitties that would love the chance
for someone to take the chance on them.
Someone to give them the break they have patiently been waiting for.
Someone who can match the love in their hearts.

Every week we'll be featuring a few of these cuties,
so stay tuned.

If you could just share this blog with your kitty-loving friends...
you never know who is looking
to rescue one of these special kitties,
and in turn, be rescued themselves.

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