Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cats with Facebook Pages???

I thought it was cute when my cats approached me,
wanting to have their own facebook page.
"Sure," I said.
"See if you can score an income with all that cuteness you exude...
help offset some of the litter costs."


So, off they went to build their Facebook page.
Within no time, they had 100 friends.
I mean, they are adorable and all,
but I began to feel like they were more popular than me
(mind you, I have over 300 friends-let's be clear on that!).

They sent a friend invite to a kitty in Dubai.
How they found this kitty, I am not quite sure.
But that's cool.
Creating world peace, one click of the mouse at a time.

But then Facebook took over.
Facebook started suggesting other cats
that my kitties might want to friend.
Do you have ANY idea how many cats
have their own Facebook pages?!?!?!?!?
My cats have friended about 23 new cats in the past 24 hours!
Again, let the power of the internet
and the bond over cat treats bring us closer together,
but who are all these people that,
dare I say, might have cats as pretentious and cyber-savvy as mine?

Being the responsible cat parent that I am,
I decided I needed to sit down with them,
ensuring we're not sending/accepting friend requests
from just ANY cat.
You just never know, right?
The list is endless.
My heart is warmed by such a strong feline presence.
Surely this subtle cat takeover of social media
can only bring good to our society.
Headbonks, purrs, rubby bubbies, birdy cackles...


What about your cats?  Do they have a Facebook page?
If they do, what kind of posts do they enjoy?
Do they like to post a lot of pictures of themselves?

Oh, and if they need any more Facebook friends,
have them search for 
Moe Jake Katie Smudge-Bean
(shameless promotion, I know).

Are you looking for a new kitty-
perhaps one that would be perfect for a Facebook page?
Check out King Street cats'
cyber kitties looking for their furrever home here!

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