Wednesday, April 3, 2013

King Street Cats in their Furrever Homes-JuSha

Sweet JuSha

When I first met Ju Sha, she was spending most of her time in an enclosed basket because being around all the other cats at King Street Cats was unsettling to her. Most of the other cats ignored me when I came in, but Ju Sha came out of her basket and let me stroke her head, almost as if to ask me to rescue her and take her somewhere quiet.

She's now been with me four months, and her personality is beginning to bloom. She is quite firm, especially when she wants food (Fancy Feast tuna, of course). Otherwise, she is quite the lady. She likes silky and soft fabrics to lie on, and she has taken over all my chairs and upholstered ottoman, moving from one to the other, as if to say, "These are all mine, dear. You can sit on the floor."

At night she usually sleeps next to me on the other pillow. She hops up onto the window sill from time to time to sniff the fresh air when the window is open and check out everything below. And she only drinks her water from a glass.

Now that she's going through the usual Spring shedding, she lies down on her scratching box and waits till I give her a thorough brushing. She has especially soft fur, and she is quite vain about it.

Her favorite toy is a rubber band she found on my table. She likes me to hold it and she catches it in a claw and pulls it. The stretchiness seems to amaze her. She brings it to me when she wants to play with it and looks up expectantly till I get the idea.

She doesn't try to go into the hall when I open the door. My small apartment seems to have become a big enough world for her, for now anyway.  ~Elizabeth

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