Wednesday, February 27, 2013

King Street Cats in their Furrever Homes-Nellie


Meet Nellie, a King Street Cats Alumnus!

Her proud Mom (and GREAT volunteer) writes this about her...

"Nellie is a kitten I fostered this summer. She only has one eye
and is the sweetest little girl. My family fell in love with her and we completed her adoption
last month. She is always where I am in our house and loves to watch me on the computer.
I downloaded a screen saver that is a fish tank with swimming fish and bubbles in the water.
She loves watching it. Recently I was passing by the computer room and the screen saver
was on though I didn't activate it. I didn't think anything about it but it kept happening.
Then I actually saw what was going on. Nellie was jumping up on to my desk, then she
pushes the "mouse" which turns on the screen saver and then sits there and "watches the
fish," sometimes she even paws at the fish but mostly just watches them. Too cute!
Yet another clever King Street Cat.

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