Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pet Owner's Guide to Being Green

Living a lifestyle respectful of the environment leads to a better life
for your pets as well.  Here are a few things you can do
to reduce your pet's environmental paw print.

1.  New bag laws have made plastic grocery bags scarce in many households, which is not necessarily a bad thing seeing as we don't want those bags in our landfills.  Google biodegradable pet bags and many options come up. 

2.  When shopping for shampoos and grooming products for your pets, look for those that use natural ingredients.  Be aware of the packaging, looking for those sold in bottles that are made of recycled materials.  Look for products without harsh chemicals.  Harry Barker has a full line of eco-friendly cat and dog products.  Also consider natural products when cleaning up after that occasional mess your pet may leave so that harsh chemicals aren't being poured down a drain, and it will reduce the risk of your pet getting sick if accidentally ingested.  Simple Solution makes safe cleaning products for around the house.

3.  Pet toys are new made of amazing recycled materials these days (check out Modern Cat...great site for these sorts of toys).  Consider earth-friendly hemp when shopping for a collar.

4.  Feed you pet from a glass or ceramic bowl when possible.  Plastic bowls may leech (or harbour icky germs) and paper products just create more waste. If feasible, buy larger cans or bags of food so there is less waste than smaller or single serving packaging.

5.  Consider earth-friendly cat litter products, which are made of things such as wood chips, recycled paper, corn, or walnut shells.  Some litters are even flush-ablewhich will eliminate the need for pet waste bags.

What green pet practices have you implemented at your house?
Chime in below in the comments section.

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