Monday, February 27, 2012

Rainbow Bridge


As I entered into 2012, this thought flittered through my head, "This is the year of transitions." I have no idea where that came from but it seems to me, quite a few changes have already happened (or started to happen) this year more so than recent years. These concepts feel like they are happening more rapidly this year: families beginning, families fracturing, new loves, adoptions, births, and transformations of the spirit.

One of these changes deal with the great, powerful, sorrowful, ecstatic trip over the Rainbow Bridge. Several of my friends lost their furry loved ones recently and I struggle through conflicting emotions. It all stems back to my personal belief in a higher power, somewhere better to go to, and a better place with nothing but joy and adventures. However, my human heart and compassion cries for the pain of those left behind who have to work through their having to say, "until we meet again...", but my divine wisdom speaks of a glorious reunion not so far into the future.

The concept of a "wake" was introduced to me when I was a child (mother's family is from Ireland) and it stuck with me all these years. A celebration of life. Everyone offers their favorite and fondest memories of the deceased and toast their way of living on this earth while they were here. I can totally get down with that program.

So what I can offer to those grieving the passing of loved ones, revel in the warmth of the fondest, happiest, funniest memories of those who passed before you. Before long, the pain will dissipate, the memories will become more joyful and color will once again enter into your lives. Until then, mourn the loss and snuggle those left behind a little more for your comfort and theirs.

Peace and love be with you all.

***Photo courtesy of Jamie Shelman...check out all her great work here.

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Melissa Murphy said...

Thank you for that...I do believe I will be reunited with my feline friends and it is a great comfort.