Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kitty's Junk Food


While we all know we should feed Kitty high quality food, 
oftentimes Kitty just wants to eat some "junk food."  
I discovered my Tortie, Katie June Bug, loves frosting, 
while whipping some up for an event at King Street Cats.  
She thought she was being sly while lapping it 
out of the mixing bowl when I wasn't in the kitchen, 
but the purple glob of goo on the end of her nose gave her away.  My orange Tabby, Jake, has taken a liking to 
vanilla protein shakes 
(actually, that's probably a healthier choice than, say, frosting).

What about you?  What is your Kitty's guilty pleasure?  
Chime in below in the comments section.

***Artwork done by Jamie Shelman.  Check out the collection on Etsy here


Bonnie said...

I have one cat that loves spaghetti noodles. Rusty (waiting at the bridge) use to love whipping cream from a can, he would come running when he heard the plastic cap come off. Then there is BeeBee, the fat cat, who will only eat one kind of food and it must be in her bowl. If I switch bowls she will not eat. She will let me know if her bowl is empty even if there are other bowls with her food near-by.

RandomlySpeaking said...

My calico will eat ANYTHING!! She even tried to eat an orange as a kitten and ended up walking around with her mouth hanging open for a few minutes. As for Arcadia, she likes her dumplings... as big as her. My boy just loves his tuna. :)