Tuesday, November 22, 2011

King Street Cats in Their New Homes

Obviously we are excited each time one of our kitties gets a new home.  We enjoy getting updates on how they are doing.  We will be posting updates as we get them, but we would also LOVE to hear your heart-warming adoption stories, regardless of from where you adopted Kitty!  Share them in the comments section below and insert pictures if you have them.

Above is Dancing Cat, now named Sebastian.  Dancing Cat was rescued from the outdoors when he somehow got separated from his family.  He is now in his furrever home and LOVES drinking from the faucet.


Melissa Murphy said...

DC was one of my favorites. He had started to look so sad in the cat room so I am happy to see him with those big bright eyes!

~~~ M ~~~ said...

That is awesome! Such a handsome boy, too! (What is it about kitties and drinking from the faucet?)